Thursday , 4 March 2021
What Is Success—and How to Achieve It

What Is Success—and How to Achieve It

My readers always tell me that they want to be successful.  They want more money, or they want the fastest car, or the biggest mansions imaginable.  However, these items are merely the trimmings of success.

Money does not equal success to black millionaires.  To the most accomplished, wealthiest African Americans in the nation, money means freedom and security to live the lives they want—that is the average millionaire’s definition of success.

So let’s return back to your dreams: do you really want that car, or do you want the freedom to own any car that you choose?

Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of the most spiritual—and successful—men that that I know told me that he tells young men that if you cannot find a job or find success, then you must create it yourself.

I firmly believe that the key to freest forms of success is entrepreneurship.  It is a tough path, but it is a way to ensure that you own your own success.

Tyler Perry discovered this as a young man growing up in the tough areas of New Orleans as he watched his father struggle as a carpenter for a large house building corporations.  Tyler Perry now says, “The key to longevity and building generational wealth…is ownership of the finished product.”

It’s no wonder that the young Hollywood star director has made a name for himself as director, producer, screenwriter, songwriter, actor and all-around Renaissance man.  In defining his own success and owning every part of the process, he has gone from an unknown to the highest paid man in entertainment (Forbes).

If you want to achieve success for yourself, you first have to imagine it on your terms.  Only then will you be able to own up to your own dreams and turn them into realities.



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