Thursday , 4 March 2021
Ways to Make More Money Fast
image: Black Enterprise

Ways to Make More Money Fast

What does your bank account says about you? John H. Johnson, the founder of Ebony magazine once said that “Money is the greatest measurement of mind-set. Wealth is less a matter of circumstance than it is a matter of knowledge and choice.”

So what does your bank statement saying about your choices?

If you don’t like what you see, this is simply a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Are there things that you want to change about yourself? Do you hate your job and dread going into work each day? Do you feel stuck in your life, your education, your relationship, your career?

Abraham Maslow says that “If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you’ll probably be unhappy all the days of your life.” Money doesn’t bring you happiness, but if you can be happy making money, then you’ve got a good shot at a great life.

The key to making money fast and making the time fly as you build income is to love to work.

The first African American female to own a publicly traded company, Cathy Hughes, thanks her hardscrabble Midwestern work ethic for her success. Hughes started working at the local newspaper at 14 and didn’t let the world get in the way of her upward climb. She worked dead end jobs and struggled as a single mother.

Now, she’s the first female owner to operate a top-notch radio station, affluent, and easily one of the most successful African American women of this decade, she still loves her work. She never lost sight of her goals, but she also never lost her love for what she does. And her bank statement reflects it.

“You survive because you are doing something that you love. It wasn’t tough on me when I was going through it.” Hughes said of the experience.

I profile black millionaires in my new book, The Wealth Choice. Did you know that the average affluent African American wakes up at 5:30 am and retires at 11pm? Now it’s not that you have to be working all that time, but when you love what you do, it becomes no chore.

In fact, the black millionaires I interviewed defined success as the “ability to affect change” and “the capacity to enjoy their work.”

If you want to make money fast, take a leaf out of my book — do what you love, do what engages you, do what will make you want to wake up and go to work. Not only will make more money faster because you’ll want to succeed for the sake of the job and not just the payment, but the time will fly by faster, too!


image credit: Black Enterprise


  1. Hey Dr Dennis Kimbro,

    This is amazing content. I learned so much from you. Being a 26 year old african american male has been difficult growing up without a father and on the southside of chicago. I made it through after reading one of your articles on the internet. This helped me created a supplement and internet consulting business. While it’s been tough battling those things instilled in me I rose above it. I read a ton of books and went to a lot of seminars.

    I appreciate your leadership. There are not many african males willing to mentor but I appreciate you and your work. I just ordered your new book. Thanks again Mr Kimbro….

    • Congrats to you Justin. It’s great to rise above our environment. Dr Kimbro I appreciate you so much for your sacrifice. We have to focus on building better for our family. Focus on the family and not you. I created a huge organization in a network marketing company. I am also a detective who will retire in 16 months. I thank God for all he has done.

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