Thursday , 4 March 2021

Very Impressive


Each day our subconscious is bombarded with thousands of impressions-both positive and negative. They come from the outsides as well as from within. Impressions flow in a constant stream, oftentimes uninvited. But the kinds of impressions admitted to our minds defines the scope of our lives.

When a higher truth and pleasing thought sink into your mind and heart, you no longer suffer the penalty of not knowing that truth. You enjoy its radiating warmth.

For example:
By seeing the real meaning of life, we destroy the painful feelings of futility.
By refusing to limit ourselves, we expand far beyond our fondest dreams.
By allowing love to be the perfect guide, we walk lightly.
By realizing our true potential, we never suffer from a poor self-image.
By staying focused on our goals, we bring into reality that which we desire most.
By understanding the power of thoughts, we are less concerned about outer circumstances.
By knowing our true identity, we fear not and experience quiet dominion.
By being receptive to positive impressions only, we replenish our spirit.

There are millions of beautiful impressions that you can receive each day.



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