Thursday , 22 April 2021


  1. Dr. Kimbro:
    Thank you for the always incredible insight and knowledge put forth in your writings and lectures. I attended the 2013 meeting in Dallas, Texas a received a copy of the book “The Wealth Choice”. along with What Makes the Great Great they are 2 of the most powerful books in my library.
    I am most interested in the next time you plan a Dallas visit so I can be in attendance. I could not find it on the website calendar.
    Thanks again for your contribution to personal success and growth of all people, ALL PEOPLE.
    Mr. Jamie Johnson

  2. thanks so much for coming to Nashville and speaking. The one thing I want to take from you was the equation on life you gave us. Much appreciated looking forward to hear you speak again.

  3. Dr. Dennis Kimbro,

    Thank you for taking on this challenge to inspire our community. While reading the Wealth Choice it had a comfortable feeling of being at a dinner table or sitting at a starbucks and having a conversation with these individuals. During the my final year of undergrad at Wilberforce University the book, “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice” was given to me from a father and have been a fan of your books every since. Your mentorship and guidance have helped push my life forward, yet i have never met you.

    Thank you.

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