Thursday , 6 May 2021
The One Question You Must Answer

The One Question You Must Answer

questionsWhat’s the most difficult question to answer?  It’s a question so few of us bother to address.  Let me explain.

Do you know that to nine-tenths of the world’s population, the average Black American is wealthy?  African Americans possess nearly everything the wealthy own—only in smaller amounts.  They own homes, cars, clothing, savings accounts and debts—but in smaller amounts.  Their food is just as tasty and as plentiful; their beds are just as comfortable, and their homes are nearly as cozy.  With only a fraction of the world’s population, Black Americans possess ten percent of the world’s total monetary income.  Or, to draw a clearer picture, Black America’s combined income is equal to or greater than several Western European countries and Canada as well.

Black America’s problem is not the lack of money; its problems stem from what it does with its money.  Consider the following scenario:  If you were to approach one hundred Black Americans at age twenty-five and ask “Would you like to be wealthy?” Blend in gender, as well as equal education, talent, skills, and abilities.  Midway through their twenties, you’ll notice a sparkle in their eyes, purpose in their manner—an eagerness toward life.  Why, because these men and women truly wish to generate wealth. 

Now project these individuals forty years into the future.  Allow for time, growth, and development.  At the close of four decades, you will be astonished with the findings.  Imagine one hundred able-bodied men and women armed with the opportunity and latitude to financially stamp their mark in the field of their choice, within the most affluent nation on earth, the majority—fifty-five will rely on an array of government programs in order to survive their remaining years.  Thirty-five, unfortunately, will be dead.  Nine will reside within Black America’s upper ten percentile, those wage earners who boast incomes of $75,000 per year.  And, one—ONLY ONE—will have gained entry into one of the most elite groups in the nation—those African Americans who feature household incomes of $250,000 per year or more.  In short, Black America’s most affluent.

And what of the other ninety-nine percent? Unfortunately, they just drift along, hoping and wishing for the best.  So here’s my question to YOU:  How much money do you want to earn?    How much money do you need to live the way you want to live?  To accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself?  Tough questions that sooner or later you must address.



  1. I’m 57 years old and to know how to franchise my business out nationwide. And how do I contact you for help, my clock is ticking fast

  2. How do I contact you, I want to franchise my business nationwide. I’m 57 years old and my clock is ticking

  3. Hi I have been in the engineering HVAC for thirty one years and have setup a college so people can how to become BMS specialist that is how to work with engineers with a computer background .please could you please come to England London are Birmingham and help black people to know there true potential and become successful many thanks .

    Kind regards

    Pat Jones

  4. That’s real talk!

  5. I am in the hampton roads area (Chesapeake) and heard Dr. Kimbro will be in the area speaking. Where will this be?

  6. I think that most blacks here in America spirit has been broken and therefore don’t know there self worth that we are full richest within ourselves .

  7. Hi Dr Kimbro
    It’s been a great pleasure hearing about you please I wonder if you would mention I your next book about both Granville to woods and lewis latimer. Because they need to be mentioned as well as Frederick mckinely Jones. In my mind these men have made themselves very famous because of there poor up bringing. Once again thanks for the information about how to get rich and black choice and just another question how did and why did napoleon

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