Sunday , 7 March 2021
The Mathematical Formula That Guides All Wealth

The Mathematical Formula That Guides All Wealth

In my book, The Wealth Choice, I talk about nine driving forces that can help one take a methodical and logical approach to achieving wealth and success. Today I’ll discuss seven.

Remember, wealth creation centers not only on what you know but on what you do. I highly encourage you to review chapter two of the book daily, if needed, to understand how these principles can place you on the fast track to attaining wealth. In short, I will lay out the 8 driving factors as a refresher to those of you who have read the book:

Driver 1. Life: Survival or Achievement

Ask yourself how much further you can go to stretch yourself into reaching your full potential.

Driver 2. Family Unit: Matriarchal or Patriarchal/Legacy

Without careful planning or stewardship, the legacy you build for your family now can dissipate in a generation or two. Black millionaires commonly have strong expectations of their children and family is often a key factor in their success.

Driver 3. Education: K-12 or Lifelong Learning

You must remember that you are a lifetime student if you hope to gain and keep wealth over time — this is true prosperity.

Driver 4. Money: Act Rich/Act Poor

Your beliefs about money are often a reality. So examine what money means to you. Whatever you believe today most likely reflects your current state today.

Driver 5. Work: Necessary Evil/Life Work

If you are unhappily working out of necessity, you must reevaluate.  The Black millionaires I interviewed in The Wealth choice all worked longer and harder than their peers, and not surprisingly, the wealthy love their work.

Driver 6. Time: Present to Past/Future

Millionaires will commonly have a long-term perspective. Remember, time is your greatest opportunity. When asked, “Which would you rather possess- more time or more money?” two-thirds of the millionaires I interviewed responded, “More time.”

Driver 7. Relationships: Social Networking

Lean on your network, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and remember that networking is indeed a key to financial success.


“Becoming a millionaire is not that difficult, and it is not the most important thing. The most important aspect of becoming a millionaire is the person that you become in order to accumulate a million dollars in the first place.”

-Jim Rohn



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  1. I’m a 43yrold married male, annual gross btween 55-60k, but a poor manager of my assets. My wife has a degree but is btween jobs and I have a difficult time motivating her to start small and work her way into position she wants. I have a unique passion for “our” history delving into antiquity to the present, and I want to be successful not just for myself but for my offspring as well. but hard to reach them because were not on same page mentally, they seem to chase everyone else’s dreams instead of their own, and it’s frustrating to me because we “GODS” before and now religated to mindless zombies today. Any insight into this delimma would be “Greatly” appreciated. Thanks in advance, young Sun of the Original GODS.

    • G”you are already successful It really don’t matter where your wife start out at the bottom or at the top everything take time if you know where your going and how your going to get there and what your going to do when you reach your goal what ever it may be.

  2. Hi Gary! I will be happy to share a system that can help you in your situation. Feel free to email me.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  3. I am 45 years old and have between student loans,irs and all other debt is over around 300k. We make 155k a year. Can we get some guidance.

  4. Why don’t we African Americans pool our monies together like the Indians, Jews, Mexicans, Greeks, Asians, etc. do? I presented this idea/plan to my family during a family reunion 15 yrs ago and it fell on deaf ears. I think about the wealth, collective power, and the ability to pass these monies and knowledge on to the next generation that may now be lost. So, I decided to start small and encouraged my bro to open an account with me so that we could pool our monies together and show everyone how just two people doing it can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, we opened this account 2 yrs ago and my bro hasn’t put a cent into the account yet–just me. I don’t want to give up on this idea. What should I do? Thanks.

  5. I am having trouble pulling up Dr. Kimbro’s upcoming speaking schedule for 2015. I have gone to “events” and there doesn’t appear to be anything events listed for 2015. Any suggestion’s?

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