Thursday , 4 March 2021
The Difference that Makes “the” Difference

The Difference that Makes “the” Difference

Black-MillionaireHave you ever considered what comprises the difference between those men and women who have reached millionaire status from the multitudes who struggle from paycheck to paycheck?  Well, over the course of my research I have found the difference that makes the difference.

One, millionaires differ in their attitudes.  In short, they are driven; they are deeply passionate about what they do.  It’s as if their chosen field of work or endeavor is a “calling,” not a career.  They know that a career is what you are paid for but a calling is what you are made for.

Two, there’s a certain quiet inner peace regarding their ability to meet any challenge, to rise above any situation or circumstance.  They are overcomers.   Millionaires are infinitely more resilient and optimistic.  They know the deepest truths of giving, sacrifice, and the miraculous power of commitment and faith.  They give of themselves, their time, their resources, their sleep; reinvesting every dollar, mortgaging every property.  They’ve come to know that no one owes them a thing.

Three, millionaires are innovative and creative; they not only think outside of the box, they create their own box.

Four, the financial elite are grateful—incredibly grateful—for the blessings and good fortune life has thrown their way.  They share the same management philosophy regarding personal excellence:  “If you settle for second place when first place is available, you will do so for the remainder of your life.”  And never forget the poor keep score by cars and clothes; the middle class keep score by degrees and titles; but the wealthy keep score by their bank account.


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  1. Your attitude definitely affects your altitude. Your attitude towards life, goals, money, people, and everything else!

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