Thursday , 4 March 2021

The 7 Laws of Wealth


Here it is, plain and simple. As I spent countless hours interviewing some of America’s wealthiest, successful millionaires I was able to come up with what I consider to be the top 7 laws of wealth. I’m open for discussion. Post your thoughts and feedback or share this article with a friend.

Kimbro’s Top 7 Laws of Wealth

1st Law of Wealth: Wealth begins in the mind but ends in the purse
2nd Law of Wealth: Decide that you will not be poor
3rd Law of Wealth: Believe in thyself when no one else will
4th Law of Wealth: To thine own self be true; find your unique gifts
5th Law of Wealth: How may I serve thee?
6th Law of Wealth: Thou shall own thy own business
7th Law of Wealth: Make Thy Money Grow


  1. Thanks for all you do and the heart you have for our people. Excited about recieving, reading and putting your next book into action

  2. I have read quite a number of self help and motivational books but nothing comes close to What makes the great great. I never cease praying for the colleague who gave me the book as a New Year present.

    May the good Lord bless with fresh oil and anointing daily.

  3. Setep Wajeeh Tehuti


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