Friday , 5 June 2020

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The Mathematical Formula That Guides All Wealth

building success

In my book, The Wealth Choice, I talk about nine driving forces that can help one take a methodical and logical approach to achieving wealth and success. Today I’ll discuss seven. Remember, wealth creation centers not only on what you know but on what you do. I highly encourage you to review chapter two of the book daily, if needed, ... Read More »

Dr. Dennis Kimbro Interview with Roland Martin

Kimbro - Roland Martin interview

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a roadmap to becoming a millionaire? Well, according to Dennis Kimbro’s new book, “The Wealth Choice,” there absolutely is. Roland Martin sat down with author, Dennis Kimbro to discuss the roadmap to becoming a millionaire. Watch the video the video below or Read Dennis Kimbro’s Wealth Choice interview with Roland Martin.   Read More »

How Do I Make Money?

African American Success and Wealth Expert; Black Millionaires

“How do I make money?” It’s a question that most of us ask ourselves each day. “How do I make money? How do I make more money? How do I make more money faster?” But no matter how much you wish that money grew on trees, as Madame CJ Walker, the first African American millionaire in US history said, “There ... Read More »