Thursday , 22 April 2021
Something to Hope For

Something to Hope For

HopefulNearly 15 years ago I received a letter from a Black grandmother in Hampton, Virginia that had a profound impact on my life.  She entitled her letter “Where’s There Hope, There’s Life.”  For those of you who find yourself at the end of your rope you may want to listen closely.

She writes…  “At some point in life you will be faced with a crisis that seems so overwhelming, it will shake you to the core.  A loved one dies, a marriage crumbles, disease strikes, a child goes astray, or life savings are squandered.  But this I know.  Into each life a little rain is going to fall. In June, 1992, I was diagnosed with cancer.  Following surgery I faced months of chemotherapy.  Each treatment lasted four hours and left me so weak I needed assistance just to function.

“I lost my appetite as well as weight, and my hair came out in clumps.  Being bald was the least of my worries.  I had to learn to inject myself as part of the treatment to keep my white blood count up.  To be honest, I didn=t know if I was going to make it.  I had nearly given up hope.  But, at my hour of need, the Lord spoke to me as He so often does, and I thought: This is not the end.  What can cancer do?  Cancer cannot control my outlook.  Cancer cannot steal my faith.  It cannot destroy my peace.  It cannot erase my memories.  It cannot invade my spirit, and it will not shatter my hope.  Where there is hope, there’s life, and I choose to live!

“I thank God to be able to wake up each morning and move under my own power.  But, if I didn’t, I’m confident I could handle it.  There’s still hope—if not for me, then for someone else.  I would instruct my doctors to give my eyes to the boy who cannot see; to give my ears to the little girl who cannot hear; to give my heart to the woman who has known nothing but pain; and to give my kidneys to the child chained to dialysis.  Regardless of your circumstances, you have so much to hope for.


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