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  1. Dr. Kimbro:
    I hope to be able to meet and speak with with you on your visit to Dallas to the Christian Temple of Faith in June. At a point in my life where I want to fulfill and achieve a greater purpose , have read your books and THANK YOU for the insight. Looking forward to the visit to Dallas, Texas.

    Jamie Johnson

  2. joseph muriithi njeru

    Dennis hallo. I have read your book, THINK AND GROW RICH, THE BLACK CHOICE. I am in Nairobi, Kenya and I think it is the greatest book I have read. I now need to communicate with the writer and I guess this is the beginning. I cherish the thought that I will get you speak with the Kenyans & East Africans so that the potential in them can be realized. I want to ‘ STAY WITH IT’ because I do not want to’ MISS MY SHIP’ , please encourage me, God Bless you,

    Best regards,

    joseph muriithi njeru

  3. Hello There…looked on the calender and saw no events noted…please place me on the mailing list. Thank you

  4. Hello Dr. Kimbro,

    It is an honor to communicate with you. I should start with how you have blessed my life these past few months.
    About April of this year I read Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill’s version), and afterwards I walked through his Laws of Success course and I was inspired and motivated but something was missing that I could put my finger on what it was, until my online search brought up the video that was recorded of you talking about Think and Grow Rich – A Black Choice (in Oakland I believe). I followed it up by finding anything you were in on YouTube, which led to getting the Audio version of Think and Grow Rich – A Black Choice.

    I can only describe what has happened since as “Divine Inspiration”. I have created a goal that I viewed at the time as a gargantuan task – To encourage, inspire, and lift kids up to unlock their potential by providing opportunities to learn, work, and experience what if feels like and means to be successful in their own lives. I call this EKG or Empower Kids Group.

    Since this definite purpose statement, I have an insatiable desire to learn more and every story I find becomes fodder for sharing the message of success to middle school to high school age kids (starting with my children).

    Jim Rohn said that most people who are trying to open the treasure chest of success have 8 of the 9 numbers needed to unlock it, and I want to earnestly thank you for helping me find that last number. I continue to watch, listen, and read anything that you have available because it rings in my heart full of passion and truth.

    A fellow brother on the road,
    Kevin Haralson

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