Thursday , 22 April 2021
No Struggle—No Progress

No Struggle—No Progress

ponderDuring quiet time in my study I ran across the following story.  For those of you who believe that Our Creator is capable of making a mistake, this brief passage should put that thought to rest.

A young boy confined to a hospital bed because of a lingering illness had on his sunlit window sill a cocoon of a beautiful butterfly.  As nature took its course, the butterfly began its struggle to break out from the cocoon.  But it was a long, hard, tedious battle.

As the hours went by, the struggling insect seemed to make little progress.  Finally, the small child, thinking that God had made a mistake, took a pair of scissors and snipped open a hole.  All of a sudden, out crawled the tiny butterfly—but that’s all it ever did do–was crawl. 

You see, the pressure of nature’s pre-arranged struggle was intended to push colorful, life-giving juices back into its wings, but the child in his supposed mercy prevented the process.  The insect was nothing more than a stunted abortion, and instead of flying on rainbow wings above the beautiful gardens, the sickly, pale butterfly was condemned to spend its brief life crawling in the dust.

So it is with us, you must “let the lord have His perfect way.”  As I study achievement, there has never been a successful man or woman who hasn’t known failure…who hasn’t experienced

frustration or tough times…  times when money was scarce or nonexistent; times when he or she seemed out of touch with reality; times when fresh ideas and inspiration didn’t flow; and

times when obstacles seemed insurmountable.  The hallmark of success is the ability to ride out these moments and still prevail.

I urge to you to remember, The Almighty has made us perfect in every way.  Each of us has the power to be whatever we want to be, to do what we want to do, to accomplish whatever we desire.

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