Thursday , 22 April 2021

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Meeting planners find Dr. Kimbro is exceptionally positive and easy to work with.

  • When it is possible and convenient, he prefers a lavalier microphone.
  • Because as an esteemed university professor he knows that people learn best with visuals, Dr Kimbro offers a dynamic PowerPoint to accompany his presentations.  Please arrange for projection accordingly.
  • Duplication of handouts, when used in a specific presentation, shall be managed by the event staff from originals provided by Dr. Kimbro’s office.
  • If an audio or video recording of Dr. Kimbro’s event is made for non-commercial reasons, previous consent must be granted in writing in return for one full copy of such recording.  If recordings are intended for resale, this can be arranged for a nominal additional fee with Dr. Kimbro’s office prior to your event.
  • Dr. Kimbro flies out of Atlanta (ATL).  He prefers to travel business class on any flight over 2 hours.
  • Dr. Kimbro spends copious time customizing each event prior to delivery.  You or a staff person may be asked to provide names of people within the proposed audience that he can interview to assist him in this process, or if you have time, he may interview you.


Thank you for your interest in booking Dr. Dennis Kimbro. Contact us directly at to send any additional questions or comments. You can also Book Dr. Dennis Kimbro online to speak as your next Wealth and Success expert and our team will follow up.


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  3. Dr. Kimbro,

    Would it be possible to get updates on the important information that you shared at the end of your book “What Makes the Great Great. I work with young people and their families to develop sound financial habits. We use your book however the information on the spending patterns of African-Americans is very dated. I can be reached at the email address listed. Thank you for your time and consideration of my request.

    Erica Mims

  4. When is next speaking engagements

  5. Hello, my sister heard about a conference or workshop that you will be speaking at from the radio in Atlanta but get the date place or time,please let me know about this event and the cost. Thank you , Thelma Cook

  6. Dr. Kimbro,

    I would like to know how i can purchase an autographed copy of your book “What Makes the Great Great.” It will be a gift for a gentleman who is a lawyer in Maryland. If you could kindly respond I would be more than grateful as you are an inspiration to so many.



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