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Kimbro to Speak at Power Networking Conference by George Fraser

Kimbro to Speak at Power Networking Conference by George Fraser

June 27-29, 2013 in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Kimbro will be participating as a guest speaker at the annual Powernetworking Conference put together by George Fraser.

This event is the number one networking and training black business conference in the world!

See Dr. Kimbro speak on Friday, June 28 at the 10:00am Power Plenary session.




  1. Rose E. Jackson

    Dr. Kimbro,

    I attended the session last night (June 19) at Christian Faith Temple in Dallas, TX. You stated that you received the draft manuscript for the ‘black version’ of Think and Grow Rich in order to complete the book. Several questions came to mind: (1) indicating that there is a ‘black version’ suggests that development of wealth by blacks in America is a unique experience (from developing white wealth). Is this true? (2) If so, what are the differences? (3) Do blacks in America face specific challenges (vs. challenges confronted by other ethnic groups) that need to be addressed? (4) If you believe we face challenges specific to our ethnicity, culture, indoctrination, attitude, etc. how do we overcome them?

  2. I am looking to get as much information on all events etc. Please let me know. Thank you for your time.

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