Thursday , 4 March 2021

I Know Where You Are Coming From


One of our most common and worst mistakes is to cover up our own abilities and personalities by trying to be something we are not. A person could spend a lifetime studying the writings of Toni Morrison and never be able to write like her. The same would apply to sports, singing, acting, or anything else. If the person is trying to write like this famed author would write naturally, he or she would have a much better chance of succeeding.

In doing what we enjoy, we will probably make our greatest contribution to society, and the contribution we make to society will determine our rewards, both in real and in psychological terms. As you sow, so shall you reap-there are no exceptions to this rule.

Finding our real abilities that we will usually keep buried is like prospecting for gold. It’s not necessarily easy, but we don’t mind digging so much when we know the gold is really there. Unless we can find our true selves, we will never really know what it means to be fulfilled-to wake up in the morning eager for the day to begin. Finding the best work that we are suited for is the number-one responsibility of adult life. We can all do hundreds of things well, but one of those things we can do with uncommon ease and facility. When that happens, our work becomes our play. We are successful.


  1. I’m a middle school principal in the worst urban school district in Ohio but that doesn’t matter because my kids hear me recite some form of your message everyday. It always boils down to commiting yourself to personal excellence. It helps to inspire the students and the staff. Keep it coming brother. We are in city with high levels of violence and the students come to school high levels of PTSD. I spend much of my day resolving much trauma. Any advise. I read all your books.

  2. I have been studying the works of Napoleon Hill for quite some time, and have been following Dr. Kimbro since reading Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. My millions come in ideas instead of dollars (hopefully that will change), but I would like to discuss how his philosophies can achieve greater exposure.

    I live near Gary, IN, and teach at a community college. We get most of our news from Chicago, and the mentality of the ghetto here and there is as appalling as it is frightening. People will not change the way they act until they change the way they think. Even if we do not grow rich, I hope we can just think more often than not.

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