Thursday , 4 March 2021
How to be Successful

How to be Successful

You’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t have to go through life working a 9-5 in order to become affluent and happy.  In fact, the journey to success is much more often taken by those who reach beyond the average desk job and find their own strengths.

Everyone has their own talents and weaknesses.  The key to making it big is to focus on what makes you better.  Your success is not dependent on what school you went to, or how much better your best friend is at interviews.  Your pathway to greatness is determined by your own unique set of skills—a combination that no one else has.

We so often measure ourselves against others, or against “standards,” as though there is just list of traits that allows a person to rise from hardship and into wealth, but this type of thinking is ridiculous.  When you measure yourself against another person’s standards, you are limiting your own greatness.

I’ve spoken before that the African American millionaires in my research for The Wealth Choice love to work.  These inspired men and women don’t work so hard because they are saints; they enjoy what they do because their work corresponds well with their own talents.

By tapping into your own unique skill set, you are setting yourself on the road for success.  This path is yours alone, and will not be shadowed by the doubts of a co-worker who may outperform you or a spotty academic history.

I truly believe that everyone reading this post has the ability and skill to achieve their financial dreams as you are right now.  I don’t think that you have to get a PhD or learn a new language or meet Oprah in order to grow into the affluent person you can be.

However, to do so, you have to be honest with yourself.  What are good at?  What areas are your strengths?  Find those core values and use them as a launching point for your new healthier, wealthier life and then you’ll see just how much you can achieve.

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  1. Fantastic article Dr. Kimbro. I read tons of self help books, including Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice. And the first step is to find what a person is good at. I’m not sure if my life hasn’t been very exciting or diverse but, I struggle with finding my better qualities. As far as Im concerned Im good at surviving, which is what I’ve had to do for my entire adult life. I’m ready to move into my next chapter, in fact I recently relocated to Atlanta to surround myself with more successful people. My biggest question is how does a person really identify the things in which he/she excells at in order to narrow his/her focus?

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