Sunday , 7 March 2021
Dr. Dennis Kimbro Interview with Roland Martin

Dr. Dennis Kimbro Interview with Roland Martin

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a roadmap to becoming a millionaire? Well, according to Dennis Kimbro’s new book, “The Wealth Choice,” there absolutely is.

Roland Martin sat down with author, Dennis Kimbro to discuss the roadmap to becoming a millionaire.

Watch the video the video below or Read Dennis Kimbro’s Wealth Choice interview with Roland Martin.



  1. Dr. Geraldine C. Crider

    Dear Dr. Kimbro,
    My name is Dr. Geraldine C. Crider. I have followed your work for many years. I have read and listened to your first book Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice were you interviewed several successful Black millionaries who realized their dreams through having a Dream, Believing in themselves, Stepping Out on Faith, and achieving their goals and making their dream their reality!

    MORE!! This book is based on God’s Word and my Testimony. I am sending you a copy and would love to contact you about going to the next level of continuing to make my dream my reality by educating, engaging, and empowering others especially our women! My contact info is in my book! Blessings and more,
    Dr. Geraldine C. Crider

  2. Dr. Kimbro,

    I commend you for being such an inspiration to the black community. I am currently a student pursuing my master and PhD in Social Psychology in California. I am one of seven black students (2 females total) in the entire department of over 2,000 students. I am entering my second year and have three more years ahead of my before obtaining my PhD. After having some academic difficulty my first year, I was discouraged by my academic graduate counselor to drop out of the program completely. Shortly thereafter, I was told by my graduate mentor (who is the only black and black female in the entire department) to drop out and get a job. My family aspires me to get this degree but I find myself now lacking the motivation to acquire such an achievement. I have many goals and dreams to be wealthy to give back to my community and impoverished countries but I find myself at a crossroad of “what to do”. What advice would you give to me a young black woman at 23 who wants to be radically used by God for his will and to achieve success such as yourself?

  3. Wealth Choice is a motivational must read for anyone seeking to become wealthy from the inside out! It’s a detailed guide to creating the life we all deserve. I appreciate the opportunity to read and learn from it, as well as, have my book signed. Thank you Dr. Kimbro for taking time out of your life to leave a legacy and principles for my generation to follow!

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