Thursday , 22 April 2021

What Makes the Great Great

What Makes the Great Great

Part vocational pep rally, part how-to book, What Makes the Great Great elaborates on the inspiring message bestselling author Dennis Kimbro put forth in his first book Think and Grow Rich–A Black Choice. In What Makes the Great Great, the author explores the strategies and thought processes of successful African-Americans. Through dozens of interviews and the inspirational stories of people like John H. Johnson, Publisher of Ebonymagazine, Condoleeza Rice, Provost of Stanford University, and Ann Fudge, President of Maxwell House Coffee, Dr. Kimbro outlines the nine strategies that determine success.According to Dr. Kimbro, being great depends on a commitment to making dreams come true: “All high achievers make choices, not excuses.” He believes we all have the seeds of greatness in us, and his book gives readers the tools to discover and nurture those seeds, showing them how to motivate themselves to master every aspect of their lives.

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  1. Domonique Carter

    My boyfriend is currently in the phD program at Tuskegee University and is currently preparing for his dissertation. During your visit to our campus he was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend your talk and purchased a signed copy of your book that day as well. He was so excited about reading your book and has been motivated by it as well. Up until a couple of weeks ago he was making steady progress in his reading until he fell victim to car theft and had his computer and other contents of his bag stolen with your book in his bag with his computer. I was wondering if it would at all be possible to purchase another signed copy of your book for him? This would be greatly appreciated.

    -Domonique Carter

  2. Ajiboye T Olabode

    I have being a tough time reading until i attended a training called mastermind of john maxwell,tiled 21 irrefutable of leadership, where and through which i discovered reading is one of the most sure way of being a leader of your dream.
    I have gotten this book of yours some years backed and i could remembered very well that one of friends passed a comment “this kind of book is only applicable to type of people there” , he meant white people.But i have discovered and still searching the truth about life.your book have ministered to me in different ways, i have been able to overcome fear, building up my mind and energy and power that Most High ( Jesus ) has inputted in me at creation.

    Ajiboye Theophilus Olabode

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