Friday , 18 June 2021

What Keeps Me Standing

What Keeps Me Standing: Letters from Black Grandmothers on Peace, Hope and Inspiration

In his previous bestsellers, Think and Grow Rich and What Makes the Great Great, Dennis Kimbro revealed the success secrets of highly touted entrepreneurs, corporate climbers, and Olympic athletes, as well as famous black Americans from George Washington Carver to Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, and Jesse Jackson. In What Keeps Me Standing, he turns to another group of sages and mentors: the grandmothers who have long been the backbone of the African American family and community.Over a period of five years, Kimbro contacted one thousand grandmothers–women from a wide range of backgrounds and locations–asking, “If you had to write a one page letter to your children or the next generation, what would you tell them about life?” Their answers, collected here, show that success in life cannot be measured in terms of wealth and material goods alone. The lives they describe and the advice they proffer capture both a richness in spirit and a strong belief in the power of every individual to take charge of his or her own destiny. In the face of racism, both blatant and subtle, financial struggles, and personal setbacks, black grandmothers have helped their communities in thousands of tangible and intangible ways, providing support, inspiration, and love not only to their own children and grandchildren but also to neighbors, friends, and extended families.

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  1. Hello,
    I just purchased your book this morning and I can’t put it down. I have one question, is “The Wealth Choice” in audiobook? I have children and when I’m unable to finished at home I like to listen in car.
    Thank you again,

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