Thursday , 22 April 2021

Kimbro on the Law of Attraction Radio

Law of Attraction Radio

Recently Dr. Kimbro appeared on the Law of Attraction Radio Network with Constance Arnold. Get details about the interview and download past shows to hear Dr. Kimbro. The Think, Believe & Manifest Talk Show The Law of Attraction Radio Network Sunday December 23 – 4:00 PST/7:00 EST   Read More »

I Know Where You Are Coming From

  One of our most common and worst mistakes is to cover up our own abilities and personalities by trying to be something we are not. A person could spend a lifetime studying the writings of Toni Morrison and never be able to write like her. The same would apply to sports, singing, acting, or anything else. If the person ... Read More »

Very Impressive

  Each day our subconscious is bombarded with thousands of impressions-both positive and negative. They come from the outsides as well as from within. Impressions flow in a constant stream, oftentimes uninvited. But the kinds of impressions admitted to our minds defines the scope of our lives. When a higher truth and pleasing thought sink into your mind and heart, ... Read More »

The 7 Laws of Wealth

  Here it is, plain and simple. As I spent countless hours interviewing some of America’s wealthiest, successful millionaires I was able to come up with what I consider to be the top 7 laws of wealth. I’m open for discussion. Post your thoughts and feedback or share this article with a friend. Kimbro’s Top 7 Laws of Wealth 1st ... Read More »