Sunday , 7 March 2021
A Poor Thought Process: Fear

A Poor Thought Process: Fear

So many of our decisions are motivated by fear; fear of what we cannot achieve or what we will lose.  There are usually two big fears that prevent you from achieving your greatest potential: the fear of losing respect and the fear of losing money.

The fear of losing money is a very common fear.  We all have bills to pay and know all too well the consequence that follow.  However, you must remember that poverty begins and ends in your mind.  If you decide that you are poor and that there is no possible way to lift yourself up, then you are doomed to remain in terror of losing all your money.

However, once you let go of that fear and embrace the idea that you can and should be wealthy, you can move forward without terror making your decisions.  Almost every millionaire in my book The Wealth Choice has had to face hard times, but each one of them came out on top.

The other fear—the fear of losing respect—comes from dealing with those who do not believe in you.  Sadly, there are people who would scoff at your dreams because they are too afraid to dream their own.  You cannot let their scorn drag you down.  No one would have believed that a fourteen year-old Maya Angelou would go on to be one of the most celebrated artists of the century, but her unshakeable faith in herself made her a legend in her own time.

There will always be those who wish to drag you down, but you must not let their comments push you from your path.  You are never truly alone in your path, and you will come to find those who truly support you as time passes.  However, you must move forward with courage and passion, and you must not be afraid of letting go of those relationships with those who would see you fall.

Both of these fears can be conquered.   It simply takes the right attitude to transform your fears into the catalysts for a better outlook and a better life.

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