Thursday , 4 March 2021
3 Questions You Must Ask to Know Thyself

3 Questions You Must Ask to Know Thyself

In my book, The Wealth Choice, one of the major areas of focus is on a success secret that all of Black America’s most successful investors know when it comes to wealth creation: Know thyself.

Knowing one’s self causes you to dig deep into understanding the gifts you possess versus truly being gifted. Remember, no matter how talented you are or how gifted you are, your ability to attain and amass wealth isn’t dependent on this factor. What it is dependent on is your willingness to exercise faith, persevere, and be diligently committed to the pursuit of your financial goals and objectives.

Ask yourself these questions:

Why am I here?

What is my strength?

What is my unique gift?

You must search within to answer these three critical questions to examine your strengths. When you recognize your true strengths you must also highlight what you lack and let go of some of the perhaps, unattainable and unreachable dreams.

If you haven’t taken this step yet, this is your beginning. Start here, and allow your true strengths to shine through so that your financial success may follow.


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  1. I recently purchased “The Wealth Choice” on the 18th of June. After turning page after page, high lighting story after story, principle after principle, creating a reference book for inspiration, I was tested! I left the book at the restaurant after a lunch date with my family. I immediatedly thought someone is going to be blessed by finding the book with notations and dog eared pages. Without hesitation, I immediately went to purchase my second copy. I pondered, did they know the source of power in the book they found, if they would apply the principles, if they were in search for information? Even though I may never have the questions answered, I thought to myself how I could pick up where I left off, but I wouldn’t have all my notations. AH HA, God wants me to start over I concluded. Maybe I missed something, maybe He wants it to really sink in, or maybe He’s just making sure I will endure the obstacles and I really want to be successful! Either way, I have made the decision that I will let nothing stand in my way to fulfilling my lifes’ purpose. Special thanks to Dr. Kimbro and Steve and Pasha Carter!

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